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2004 Press Releases
Date Item Title
December 13, 2004 “Relentless And Unlawful Campaign to Oust the Union” Exposed In Malpractice Suit Against Unionbuster
December 07, 2004 Human Rights Violations in the American Workplace Exposed
December 05, 2004 Litany of NLRB Decisions Strip Workers of Protection in Union Organizing
October 07, 2004 San Francisco Hotels Lock Out Workers As Punishment For Standing Up For Themselves
August 25, 2004 New Group Monitors Human Rights Abuses
July 15, 2004 NLRB Reverses Decision and Turns Its Back on Workers
June 22, 2004 Comcast Workers Experience Gap Between “Pro-Employee” Rhetoric and Unfair Labor Practices
June 16, 2004 Media Advisory: What Kind of Employer is Comcast?
June 09, 2004 Workers’ Rights Advocacy Group Sounds the Alarm


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