2010 Labor Day List Employers

In our sixth annual Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work, the American Rights at Work Education Fund recognizes employers who practice labor-management cooperation while creating pioneering solutions to the environmental challenges of the 21st century. The eight businesses featured see their workers’ unions as essential partners, and consider environmental stewardship a key component of their business model. At a time when the leadership of bold, visionary employers is in high demand, this year’s Labor Day List companies provide a model for the “win-win-win” economy our country needs—an economy in which businesses thrive, the planet prospers, and workers share in the success they help create.

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This award-winning producer of pesticide-free vegetables stands out for its commitment to safety—for workers, consumers, and the planet.

Flambeau River Papers

This innovative paper and pulp mill is greening the domestic paper industry with environmentally-sound technologies, and sustaining a community with good jobs.

Gerding Edlen Development, Inc.

This commercial real estate firm recognizes union expertise as key to becoming the nation’s premier developer of LEED-certified projects.

Golden Solar

This electrical contractor specializes in solar panels and respect for workers’ rights, harnessing renewable energy with union know-how.

Litecontrol Corporation

This architectural lighting company is illuminating the path to a green future through innovative, energy-efficient systems, and a close partnership with its workers’ union.

McGough Construction

A recognized leader in sustainability, safety, and diversity, this real estate and construction services firm has a solid foundation in workers’ rights.

Sharp Solar

This solar panel production company credits its rapid success in the United States to the expertise of its skilled employees and regular collaboration with their union.

United Streetcar

This green urban transit leader is moving full speed ahead to bring streetcars and good jobs back to the United States.