A new Congress, but the fight for workers’ rights continues

There’s no way around it: We’re about to see a major shift in the political landscape. Far-right Republicans helped the GOP gain a majority in the House of Representatives, and there were losses for Democrats in the Senate as well.

And in Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah, the so-called secret ballot measures we blogged about last week  all passed. It’s a chilling indication of how far corporate interests will go to maintain a status quo that protects exploitative employers, even if it means continued setbacks for workers and the economy.

Check out what American Rights at Work’s Executive Director, Kimberly Freeman Brown, had to say about the “secret ballot” measures here.

The good news for working families is that voters across the country took to the polls to reject privatizing Social Security, and stood firm against the reduction or elimination of the minimum wage.

Now it’s time to keep the pressure on the 112th Congress to put ordinary nine-to-fivers and our economy above political opportunism—and the corporate cash that bankrolled this election. As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka put it:

Now that Republicans will be in control of the House of Representatives, their leaders have to step up to the plate. If they keep saying “no,” we’ll make sure voters know exactly who failed them on jobs and fixing the economy in 2012.

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