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About the Anti-Union Network

57 million men and women would like to have a union in their workplace for a chance to secure fair wages, affordable health care, improved working conditions, and better rights on the job.  So why don’t these workers have the basic protections of a union?

It’s time the truth got out.  Anti-union organizations and for-profit ‘unionbusting’ consultants have greatly contributed to workers experiencing enormous obstacles when trying to form unions.  The rise of these groups over the last few decades, their multi-million dollar budgets, and their escalating attacks are no coincidence:  it’s the result of a decades-long plan from right-wing ideologues bent on dismantling labor organizations responsible for advancing the social and economic interests of America’s workers.

No doubt you’ve heard about the over-the-top anti-union ads produced by the Center for Union Facts.  The ads are the most recent, highly-visible example of the anti-union network at work.  And while there’s a growing understanding about the extensive right-wing infrastructure – responsible for dramatically shifting public policy and altering our nation’s political landscape – a significant part of this movement has received much less attention.  The anti-union network is well-financed, well-established, and well-coordinated—and yet virtually unknown.  Look behind the scenes as we expose the funding, the origins, the tactics, the motives, and the players involved in undermining workers and their unions.

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