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About Us

American Rights at WorkAdvancing Democracy in the American Workplace

Since 2003, American Rights at Work has informed the American public about the struggle to win workplace democracy for nurses, cooks, computer programmers, retail cashiers, and a variety of workers who we all depend on every day.  Our vision is a nation where the freedom of workers to organize unions and bargain collectively with employers is guaranteed and promoted.

What We Do

Through coalition-building, research, public relations, policy analysis, and advocacy, we:

  • Investigate and expose workers’ rights abuses and the inadequacy of U.S. labor law.
  • Stimulate debate about the state of workers’ rights among journalists, policymakers, advocacy groups, and the public.
  • Promote public policy that protects workers from hostile employers and weak laws that impede their rights to form unions and collectively bargain.
  • Publicize success stories of profitable companies and public agencies that respect workers’ rights and build innovative partnerships with unions.

Our Resources

  • Publications: We produce timely reports, case studies, issue briefs, and educational materials based on our original research.
  • Workers’ Rights Clearinghouse: Our national database features cases of workers whose rights have been violated during union organizing campaigns or contract negotiations with employers.
  • Workers’ Rights Watch: Eye on the NLRB: This feature monitors and analyzes decisions of the National Labor Relations Board, just one of the ways we demonstrate the inadequacy of the current labor law system.
  • Online Advocacy & Resources: Our website is the place to find the latest news, action alerts, reports, and other helpful resources for those who want to learn more about our issues or ways to get involved in defending the right of workers to organize.

American Rights at Work Education FundThe American Rights at Work Education Fund is an educational and outreach organization dedicated to promoting the freedom of workers to form unions and bargain collectively. It is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.