Stop the inhumane treatment of workers at Ruby Ridge Dairy

Ruby Ridge Dairy owners Dick and Ruby Bengen have taken harassment to a new level of brutality: employees work long hours and are forced to go without lunch breaks. Dick Bergen even patrols the farm with a rifle, saying “This is for those people with the union.”

But Northwest Farm Credit Services continues to lend the money that keeps Ruby Ridge in business. We can help stop these appalling conditions by shaming Northwest FCS into stopping its financing of Ruby Ridge. Northwest FCS claims to maintain “high standards of integrity” and practice “ethical decision making.” Now Northwest needs to prove it – to thousands of people like you across the country.

Don’t wait – we’ll deliver your signatures in person on January 11.

Northwest Farm Credit Services should use its influence to resolve the dispute at Ruby Ridge Dairy. This bank has lent Ruby Ridge $13 million and has failed to hold the dairy accountable for its actions.

The proprietors of Ruby Ridge, Dick and Ruby Bengen, have been sued for violation of state wage laws and for claims that they have illegally fired union supporters.

If you are committed to integrity, high ethical standards and good lending practices, you must stop doing business with Ruby Ridge at once.
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