Tell Congress not to balance the budget by sabotaging workers

Politicians all over the country are looking to cut good jobs and slash benefits in order to stem budget deficits.

But our decision makers should be looking for real solutions to the deficit – solutions that don’t include trampling the middle class and walking backward on the road to economic recovery.

Add your signature to our petition demanding that Congress and President Obama support public workers and civil servants like law enforcement officers and food safety inspectors, instead of cutting their jobs. We’ll deliver your signatures in person on Capitol Hill on February 8th >>

Congress cannot cure the deficit in the FY 2012 Budget. Saying so may score political points but it defies common sense as well as economic and budget realities.

America’s deficit problem has nothing to do with federal workers – absolutely nothing. The federal pay freeze and proposals to cut pensions, health care benefits and jobs are cynical, political theater. Cutting wages, benefits and jobs in the throes of a severe economic recession will only make matters worse. It fuels a “race to the bottom” that will further destroy the middle class.

Our economic plight is about the lack of jobs and stagnant wages. America needs a comprehensive plan to create good jobs with good wages to get our economy moving again. A growing economy eliminates problems with deficits.

We the undersigned believe these truths to be self-evident. We urge Congress to lay aside the political theater and develop the comprehensive plan necessary for putting America back to work.

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