Stop Philips from shipping good jobs to Mexico

America’s taxpayers gave Philips Global
$7 million in stimulus funds to continue investing in good U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Instead, Philips is moving one of America’s top manufacturing plants to Mexico, leaving 275 workers jobless and devastating an entire Tennessee community.

Write to Philips CEO Gerard Kleisterlee now, and tell him to keep the lights on at this profitable plant – and keep American jobs safe >>

Dear Mr. Kleisterlee,

The Philips Luminaires lighting fixture plant in Sparta, Tenn., has been recognized by your own company as one of the top manufacturing facilities in North America.

So why are you shutting it down and sending the work to Mexico?

After more than 40 years of loyalty, Sparta deserves better. The 275 plant employees have always found ways to sit down with management to increase efficiency and productivity.

But you did not even give workers the chance to help keep their jobs; instead you decided to abandon experienced employees and a loyal community in favor of cheap, unskilled Mexican labor. Keep the lights on in Sparta – save American jobs.

Keep Philips Luminaires in the U.S.A.
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