How Labor Unions Made Our Day

Have a friend or family member who might need a gentle reminder about the importance of the labor movement this holiday weekend? We suggest checking out AFSCME’s Labor Unions Made My Day website. It shares straightforward examples of the perks all Americans enjoy because of union members, and even allows users to share their own ideas.

Some of our favorites:

  • Labor unions allowed me to retire.
  • Labor unions made sure the water my family drinks is clean.
  • Labor unions helped me find a good book at the public library today.
  • Labor unions provided my elderly mother with good home care today.

Everyday we see how union members are giving back to their communities, helping us survive natural disasters, and bringing balance back to our economy. AFSCME’s Labor Unions Made My Day site is a great tool to highlight the positive changes the labor movement has won for all of us over the last century.

As AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee wrote this week, with middle class families and workers’ rights under attack, America’s future is at stake this Labor Day. Seeing a compilation of the gains we are fighting to protect – good schools, safe communities and workplaces, healthcare – makes the extreme agenda of the corporate lobbyists and right-wing politicians trying to tear down decades of progress seem all the more deplorable.

For more information on the difference unions make, click here. 

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10 Responses to “How Labor Unions Made Our Day”

  1. Mary allen says:

    My husband is a Union member who had a unfortunate work related injury. He had no choice to hire a lawyer due to the fact the contractor would not reply to his accident report and had a cast making it impossible to work heavy construction. The contractor was going to fire him for not showing up to work, when he had a cast on his foot, and had to sit all day per contractors doctors orders. After no And repeated attempts no response from contractor on who to call or what to do as far as insurance. Etc. He contacts union who did nothing and told him he got lucky he didnt get fired and did NOTHING. He finally got a response from contractor to work light duty. He drove with a cast on foot on crutches to work for 2 days then couldn’t take it. He seen a orthopedic who said he can not work at all. My husband had to hire a lawyer at this point with no cooperation from the union or union contractor. 7weeks went by with no pay and a husband who thought his union and unions are there to protect him, not play a game against him. Now he is better, and will get a union contractor to hire him then the union hall says no they have someon else to place there. 3 superintendents agreed to hire him but union hall won’t let him get hired. Their are guys fresh out of prison who got jobs from union right in front of him. But he had a work injury and is obviously getting discriminated against by his union because he got hurt.
    SO WHAT EXACTLY DOES THE UNION AFFILATION helping workers compensation rights mean? One big lie? We are starving and going homeless soon, but not cause a contractor won’t hire him but because the union won’t let them. SHAME ON THIS WHOLE SITUATION AND THOSE WHO SHOULD BE TAKING CARE OF THERE OWN

  2. Neil Friedman says:

    I am proud to be a member & supporter of the AFT, NYSUT & the UFT. Unions , though far from perfect, stand for the rights and protections of workers , not only here but around the world. Without unions, with all the i blemishes that are inherent in every human endeavor, the world would be an even colder and meaner place. Workers of the world stand up for your rights Unionize and don’t give up the fight.

  3. Michael Nortman says:

    Long and Short , Unions gave us the weekend.

  4. I believe that today all the Political Party Names: IE Democrat, Republican, Teaparty, Independent are almost irrelevant! It is more about CLASS WARFARE between two factions- “the Unionist’s Peoples Party” (working middleclass & poor), versus “the Corporate Party”(the elitists) & boils down to- POWER & Money against Unity & Determination, “grit” if you will! The premeditated, intended disrespect, deliverd by REP.Joe Wilson, when he yelled “you Lie” @ the President in front of the world was the Corporate elitists declaration of CLASS WARFARE! During the President’s 1st State of the Union Joe Wilson & The Supreme Court Judges responsible for Citizens United, actually “smirked” & shook their heads as the Pres spoke! They made their Corporate bosses proud & the “working middleclass & poor” shocked & angry!

    Every Repub Governor represents the Corporation who put him in office! He/She is the CEO of what is intended to become the “Corporate” State of Wisconsin, or Ohio, or Florida, or Michigan etc…This is why the Middleclass & Poor must seek out their Local Unions!

    WE, must organize, gain strength & purpose from each other-Solidarity is POWER! Corporations are “PRIVATIZING JOBS in order to KILL the UNIONS-if they kill the Unions they are killing “US” – the middleclass & poor! We must organize against them! Call your LOCAL Union & ask for Town hall Meetings! Picket the offices of the Corporate owned Legislators in your towns! Let them “see & read” their names on your signs-taking back your votes & gaining back your dignity!


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