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Delta’s Worker Intimidation Efforts May Be Called Back to the Gate

The National Mediation Board, an independent government agency that oversees labor relations in the airline and rail industries, has announced that it will investigate a union election held last November for Delta Airlines. After reviewing documents from both union representatives and Delta, the NMB believes that there is sufficient evidence that violations have occurred and that further investigation is needed. Read more »


Air and rail workers get elections that make sense

Chalk this up as a win for pilots, flight attendants, and the rest of the airport gang: a ruling Monday by the National Mediation Board (NMB) will provide air and rail workers the right to fair, democratic – and, well, logical – union elections.

Until yesterday, the way union elections were held for these workers didn’t even make sense. Under Rail Labor Act (RLA), every worker who did not cast a vote was counted as a “No.” Read more »