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Allies Taking Action

A growing number of organizations inside and out of the labor movement care about workers’ rights and the Employee Free Choice Act. Learn more about them here.

Want to join the broad range of organizations who support the Employee Free Choice Act? Contact Jane Norman for more information: jnorman[at]americanrightsatwork.org

Voices for Change

American Rights at Work is committed to amplifying the new and diverse voices of those who care about workers’ rights and the Employee Free Choice Act. You may just be surprised by who is speaking up.  Read what supporters are saying.

Business Scholars for the Employee Free Choice Act 

Leading business school academics support the Employee Free Choice Act.  They see it as both good for business and crucial to rebuilding the middle class. Read their statement, see the list of supporters, and learn how to sign on.

About the Employee Free Choice Act

A growing, bipartisan coalition of policymakers supports the Employee Free Choice Act, federal legislation that would ensure workers have a free choice and a fair chance to form a union.

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