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New Year’s resolutions for

Amazon logoIt’s a new year. And for many of us, that means new resolutions. People trudge to the gym, start doing the dishes right after dinner, or tackle their messy closets. But what about companies? Shouldn’t they be resolving to do a little self improvement too? In the case of, the answer is painfully clear. Read more »


Top 5 best and worst moments for workers in 2011

It’s been quite a year for workers. From Wisconsin to Washington, D.C., on the football field and the factory floor, we’ve seen unprecedented attacks on workers’ rights from Big Business and corporate-backed politicians. But we’ve also seen the resurgence of a movement to ensure fairness for all Americans and the beginnings of a great political awakening for the 99 percent.

We wanted to take time to reflect on the events of 2011, so we came up with this list of the top five best and worst moments for workers this year. Read more »


This holiday season, pledge not to shop at

Pledge not to shop at AmazonIn September, an investigative report revealed that’s Breinigsville, PA, warehouse has been operating like a sweatshop – with employees working on their hands and knees at a frantic pace, enduring the pain because they’re afraid of losing their jobs. Amazon had even forced employees to work in temperatures so high that the company kept ambulances parked outside to carry sick workers out on stretchers.

After thousands of outraged customers wrote to Amazon’s CEO demanding that the retailer set things right, Amazon is now planning to install air conditioners in its warehouses. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t bothered to address other problems that are just as serious. Read more »


Tell Amazon that America’s workers aren’t disposable

Amazon’s shopping cart for workers in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania: extreme heat, threats, intimidation, temporary employment only, and no benefits. But don’t worry, they keep a paramedic waiting outside, ready to cart off workers who can’t handle working in a sweatshop. The 100-degree heat at the Breinigsville warehouse illustrates Amazon’s attitude toward workers’ rights. Rather than turn up the air conditioning and have a safe working environment, Amazon would prefer to just have an ambulance waiting.

Amazon’s Pennsylvania workers drive the company’s phenomenal profit margins. Workers in Breinigsville turn your online order into the package that shows up at your door. Hundreds of thousands of orders are processed around the clock each day. These employees make Amazon work, but in the company’s eyes they are nameless, faceless, temps. Technically, they aren’t even Amazon employees. Read more »