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Former American Rights at Work Board Member Philip Levine Named US Poet Laureate

This Wednesday the Library of Congress announced that Philip Levine will be nation’s next Poet Laureate. Not trying to brag, but Levine, one of the country’s most celebrated poets, is a former board member of American Rights at Work. His 1991 collection, What Work Is, won a National Book Award, and he was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize in 1995.

As Levine told the Associated Press after receiving the news, he identifies with working Americans, not the literary or political elite,.“[A]t first I thought, ‘This is not you. You’re an old union man.’”

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American Rights at Work Executive Director Sets the Record Straight on NLRB’s Proposed Rule

Yesterday in Washington, DC, American Rights at Work Executive Director Kimberly Freeman Brown joined the scores of workers and labor experts who have spoken out in defense of the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed rule to modernize union elections. The rule would remove unnecessary procedural delays and includes commonsense changes such as allowing for electronic filing.

As Kim pointed out, a fairer elections process unburdened by needless litigation and delay is “good news for workers, employers, and the economy.” Read more »