American Rights at Work Executive Director Sets the Record Straight on NLRB’s Proposed Rule

Yesterday in Washington, DC, American Rights at Work Executive Director Kimberly Freeman Brown joined the scores of workers and labor experts who have spoken out in defense of the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed rule to modernize union elections. The rule would remove unnecessary procedural delays and includes commonsense changes such as allowing for electronic filing.

As Kim pointed out, a fairer elections process unburdened by needless litigation and delay is “good news for workers, employers, and the economy.”

Testifying at the NLRB’s public hearing on the rule, she shared with the Board  the story of Trisha Miechur, a worker who knows first hand the pitfalls in the current election process. Thanks to senseless, bureaucratic delays, Trisha and her coworkers at HCR ManorCare have waited over four years to vote on whether they’d like to join a union. Today, they’re still in limbo.

Unfortunately, that scenario is all too common in America’s workplaces. The current process, dominated by outdated rules and frivolous taxpayer-funded lawsuits, is simply indefensible.

In Kim’s words,

At the very heart of the matter, this rule is about one thing. When employees want to vote, they should have a fair chance to do so. As the countless workers who have seen their hopes for a better life deferred again and again know all too well, justice delayed is truly justice denied.

During her testimony, she also pointed to recent studies that indicate that the longer an election is delayed, the more likely employers are to be charged with illegal conduct. Because they cause unnecessary conflict in the workplace, these drawn out elections are bad news for both employers and workers, not to mention productivity.

Sadly, opposition to the NLRB’s proposed rule changes from politicians and corporate lobbyists has been motivated by the same old political games, not a genuine concern for workers or the economy. But the story of Trisha Miechur, and workers like her, remind us of what is really at stake here: workers’ right to a fair vote.

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