And now for some positive news: the 2010 Labor Day List

In advance of Labor Day, American Rights at Work is releasing its annual report, The Labor Day List: Partnerships that Work. Every year the Labor Day List highlights positive labor-management relationships, but this year we decided to take it a step further and honor great relationships specifically within the clean energy economy.

American Rights at Work’s Executive Director, Kimberly Freeman Brown, put it best:

It’s no secret that employers and workers alike are facing the worst economy since the Great Depression. But innovative businesses across the country are proving how the clean energy economy can give all workers a shot at the American Dream. The companies and union employees featured in our report are leading the way toward a sustainable economy in which businesses thrive, the planet prospers, and workers share in the success they help create.

Check out the report here.

The responsible business and labor practices exhibited by employers in our report mark a shift toward a more sustainable business model for workers, shareholders, and the planet. Instead of squeezing workers, each of these companies treats their union workforce as an equal partner. And instead of causing environmental problems, the employers, employees, and unions that represent them work together to solve them, and are finding success in the process.

Molly Bordonaro, Senior Vice President of Gerding Edlen Development, one of the companies featured in the 2010 Labor Day List, zeroes in on how such collaboration benefits the bottom line: “In the business and development world, time is money. We’ve been able to prove demonstratively higher rewards and more valuable assets, even in a down economy, because of union labor.”

Each day this week we’ll be highlighting another one of this year’s Labor Day List honorees.  So come on back to learn more about them and their amazing work!

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