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Governor Walker’s Sham Candidates Defeated in Victory for Wisconsin Workers

Chicanery fail. The latest attempts to subvert the electoral process in Wisconsin were defeated yesterday, as the six fake candidates running for office finished behind the genuine Democrats on the ballot. These fraudulent candidates were drummed up by the same crowd that rammed home Gov. Scott Walker’s extreme anti-worker bill last winter. None found success at the ballot box, despite a barrage of Election Day robo-calls from right wing groups aimed at confusing voters. Read more »


Zombie candidates and fake eviction notices: Another week of far-right fraud

It’s been a banner week for far-right trickery in the upper Midwest. In Wisconsin, the state GOP is moving forward with their Machiavellian plan to run fake Democratic candidates in the state’s upcoming elections. On the other side of Lake Michigan, the Koch-funded front group Americans for Prosperity has been caught posting fake eviction notices on homes in Detroit. According to The Detroit Free Press the counterfeit eviction notices have “created chaos” in Southwest Detroit, where residents have been understandably frightened and confused by the bogus letters. Read more »


Delta’s Worker Intimidation Efforts May Be Called Back to the Gate

The National Mediation Board, an independent government agency that oversees labor relations in the airline and rail industries, has announced that it will investigate a union election held last November for Delta Airlines. After reviewing documents from both union representatives and Delta, the NMB believes that there is sufficient evidence that violations have occurred and that further investigation is needed. Read more »


Wisconsin judge affirms what we’ve said all along

Last March, facing rising opposition, Republicans in Wisconsin met abruptly in a closed meeting to pass controversial legislation stripping Wisconsin public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Today, that bill was struck down by Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi. Judge Sumi, a Republican-appointed judge, ruled that Act 10 was passed in violation of the state’s open meetings law.

In her decision, Judge Sumi wrote that the tactics used by proponents of Walker’s unionbusting bill were in clear violation of the state’s constitution, “We are entitled by law to free and open access to governmental meetings, and especially governmental meetings that lead to the resolution of very highly conflicted and controversial matters.” According to Judge Sumi, the methods by which the bill was passed denied the people of Wisconsin their stake in the legislative process. She ruled that the abuse of power was so egregious that the court had no choice but to strike down the law. Read more »


The Right To Join A Union: From Eleanor Roosevelt to John Kasich

Guest Post by Author and Labor Scholar Brigid O’Farrell.

When my phone rang in Moss Beach, California, I was surprised to find a young girl calling from a small town in Ohio, not far from Columbus. She and her friends in eighth grade were writing a play about Eleanor Roosevelt for a school project. She saw my book on the internet, She Was One of Us: Eleanor Roosevelt and the American Worker. They wanted their drama to address the workers in Ohio and Wisconsin. “Eleanor Roosevelt went into a coal mine, didn’t she?” the girl asked. “Do you think she would be supporting the workers today?” Read more »


Gov. Rick Scott is striking out

It’s opening day at Florida’s Tropicana Field – meaning ice cold beer, fly balls, and family fun are just around the corner for baseball lovers across the state. But with the surge of attacks on public employees fresh in the air, today’s season opener is turning out to be a lot more than just another day in the park for Florida fans. Read more »


Wisconsin’s only one piece of the puzzle

The recent string of attacks on middle class workers has made it easier than ever to point the finger at the politicians spearheading anti-worker legislation across the country— legislators like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
But the fights currently playing out in these states may only represent the tip of the iceberg in a long-standing national movement that, until now, has gone largely unnoticed.
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Airline industry trying to put workers’ rights on standby

As if the anti-union attacks in the states aren’t enough, the airline industry is ramping up efforts to make the process of forming a union a bumpy ride for aviation and rail workers.

The aviation industry is pushing Congress to pass the FAA Reauthorization Bill —with an amendment that would count non-voters as a “no” vote in union elections for both rail and air workers.

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NFL Lockout means big losses for players—and their families

At the start of this year, we let you know that a lockout of NFL players would hurt more than just the athletes. We underscored that it would also threaten the jobs and livelihoods of countless workers and business owners who rely on the industry to support their families. Read more »


Real-life union heroes in the limelight

It’s Oscar season again. And while blockbusters Unstoppable and Waiting for Superman didn’t make the cut, our nation has a front row seat to the real-life drama playing out between public employees and anti-union politicians in Wisconsin and across the country.
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