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Governor Walker’s Sham Candidates Defeated in Victory for Wisconsin Workers

Chicanery fail. The latest attempts to subvert the electoral process in Wisconsin were defeated yesterday, as the six fake candidates running for office finished behind the genuine Democrats on the ballot. These fraudulent candidates were drummed up by the same crowd that rammed home Gov. Scott Walker’s extreme anti-worker bill last winter. None found success at the ballot box, despite a barrage of Election Day robo-calls from right wing groups aimed at confusing voters. Read more »


1.3 million people: Ohio’s record-setting effort to repeal SB 5

Ohio’s working families had some paperwork to drop off with the state yesterday. Just an afternoon’s errand, a small procedural matter, you might say. Well, it may have been merely paperwork, but when the semi-trucks arrived, it was clear that the people of Ohio had something important to say to Gov. John Kasich.

In all, nearly 1.3 million signatures were delivered to the Ohio Secretary of State (1,298,301 to be precise) demanding the repeal of Senate Bill 5, which scales back public employees’ rights and safety measures. There were so many signatures collected that it took a team of retired police officers and firefighters four hours to unload the 1,502 boxes carrying the petitions. Read more »


Zombie candidates and fake eviction notices: Another week of far-right fraud

It’s been a banner week for far-right trickery in the upper Midwest. In Wisconsin, the state GOP is moving forward with their Machiavellian plan to run fake Democratic candidates in the state’s upcoming elections. On the other side of Lake Michigan, the Koch-funded front group Americans for Prosperity has been caught posting fake eviction notices on homes in Detroit. According to The Detroit Free Press the counterfeit eviction notices have “created chaos” in Southwest Detroit, where residents have been understandably frightened and confused by the bogus letters. Read more »


Wisconsin judge affirms what we’ve said all along

Last March, facing rising opposition, Republicans in Wisconsin met abruptly in a closed meeting to pass controversial legislation stripping Wisconsin public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Today, that bill was struck down by Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi. Judge Sumi, a Republican-appointed judge, ruled that Act 10 was passed in violation of the state’s open meetings law.

In her decision, Judge Sumi wrote that the tactics used by proponents of Walker’s unionbusting bill were in clear violation of the state’s constitution, “We are entitled by law to free and open access to governmental meetings, and especially governmental meetings that lead to the resolution of very highly conflicted and controversial matters.” According to Judge Sumi, the methods by which the bill was passed denied the people of Wisconsin their stake in the legislative process. She ruled that the abuse of power was so egregious that the court had no choice but to strike down the law. Read more »


Wisconsin’s only one piece of the puzzle

The recent string of attacks on middle class workers has made it easier than ever to point the finger at the politicians spearheading anti-worker legislation across the country— legislators like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
But the fights currently playing out in these states may only represent the tip of the iceberg in a long-standing national movement that, until now, has gone largely unnoticed.
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U.S. Chamber talks out both sides of its mouth

National Journal recently reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce plans to create a new division focused exclusively on confronting regulatory bodies. In the words of Chamber president Tom Donahue, “We cannot allow this nation to move from a government of the people to a government of regulators.”

Allow me to summon my inner Gob Bluth and respond to the Chamber’s rhetoric with an emphatic “C’mon!”

Of course, Donahue is right when he says that we are a nation of people. And because we are a nation of people, we have created a system of rules that govern our society. These rules cover, among other things, personal conduct. For example, as a people, we don’t tolerate murder, rape, or robbery. But we also have rules about our conduct in other settings, including the business world. Read more »


Big Business doesn’t belong at the ballot box

The 2010 midterms were not the only election this week. At Delta and Piedmont Airlines, flight attendants took a vote on union representation in their workplaces.

First, the bad news. By a very slim margin, flight attendants at Delta voted against forming a union. Wednesday’s outcome affects 21,000 employees total and, due to the recent Delta-Northwest merger, means that already-unionized Northwest flight attendants will lose the collective bargaining agreement they’ve maintained for over six decades.

As usual, it looks like the loss can be chalked up to a vicious anti-union campaign waged by the company in the lead up to the election. The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) claims that Delta spent millions to influence its employees, and is poised to file charges with the National Mediation Board.

Now for the good news. Read more »


Chamber of Commerce to Wal-Mart: keep up the good work!

chamber of commerce logoFor the past 11 years, the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Business Civic Leadership Center has held an award ceremony to honor and showcase “companies who care.”  The Corporate Citizenship Awards are given to businesses that, in the Chamber’s view, make a positive difference in society through community service, philanthropy, skilled volunteerism, and ethical decision-making.

So of course, it’s no surprise to any of us that Wal-Mart has been nominated for the Corporate Stewardship Award.  Right? Read more »


Exposing the anti-union network

The 2010 midterm elections are right around the corner, and the assault on workers and their unions has never been louder—or better funded. The anti-union network is pumping unprecedented funds into races around the country to oppose pro-worker candidates and policies. These are the same big money extremists that fought hard against the Employee Free Choice Act, raising the minimum wage, and even equal pay for women.

It’s time to stop them—and their undisclosed donors—before they do any more damage. So we’ve put together a report that provides background info on the most nefarious of these groups: American Crossroads, Americans for Job Security, Americans for Prosperity, The Club for Growth, Freedom Works, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Read more »


The Stubborn Facts on the Economic Impact of Right-to-Work Laws

Michael Wasser is American Rights at Work’s summer 2010 research intern.

Proponents of so-called “right-to-work laws,” such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Right to Work Committee, argue that they create a more business-friendly environment and lead to economic growth for states and their residents.

But is that really the case?

As Jack Hough noted in a recent Smart Money article, new research suggests that the supposed economic benefits of right-to-work laws may be little more than useful rhetoric for the law’s supporters. Read more »