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About the Anti-Union Network
October 05, 2010

57 million men and women would like to have a union in their workplace for a chance to secure fair wages, affordable health care, improved working conditions, and better rights on the job.  So why don’t these workers have the basic protections of a union?

It’s time the truth got out.  Anti-union organizations and for-profit ‘unionbusting’ consultants have greatly contributed to workers experiencing enormous obstacles when trying to form unions.  The rise of these groups over the last few decades, their multi-million dollar budgets, and their escalating attacks are no coincidence:  it’s the result of a decades-long plan from right-wing ideologues bent on dismantling labor organizations responsible for advancing the social and economic interests of America’s workers.

No doubt you’ve heard about the over-the-top anti-union ads produced by the Center for Union Facts.  The ads are the most recent, highly-visible example of the anti-union network at work.  And while there’s a growing understanding about the extensive right-wing infrastructure – responsible for dramatically shifting public policy and altering our nation’s political landscape – a significant part of this movement has received much less attention.  The anti-union network is well-financed, well-established, and well-coordinated—and yet virtually unknown.  Look behind the scenes as we expose the funding, the origins, the tactics, the motives, and the players involved in undermining workers and their unions.

Behind the Anti-Worker Agenda
October 05, 2010

"Cash-flush groups work outside GOP to back conservatives"

– Los Angeles Times, 9/27/10

"Conservatives dominate campaign spending by interest groups"

– The Washington Post, 9/20/10

"Conservative Groups Plan to Spend Close to $400 Million by November"

– The Washington Independent, 8/31/10
Everywhere you look, far-right, anti-union special interest groups are attempting to steamroll their way over working families. The same groups that have stonewalled the Employee Free Choice Act. The same groups who opposed raising the minimum wage. The same groups that have turned their backs on working families again and again. 

The 2010 midterm elections are nearly upon us already and we have seen an unprecedented surge of activity by shadowy organizations that use hidden donors to undermine the progressive social agenda for which organized labor has always stood.

These organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars to enact an agenda that would set working families back by decades:

  • Attacking collective bargaining rights and opposing the Employee Free Choice Act,
  • Privatizing Social Security and Medicare,
  • Enacting job-killing ‘free’ trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA,
  • Cutting taxes for millionaires while leaving the rest of us behind,
  • And much, much more.

Contained in this guide are background materials on the following big money extremists who are trying to buy seats in Congress for their far-right allies:

American Crossroads: An organization founded by ‘Bush’s Brain’ Karl Rove, American Crossroads is spending tens of millions of dollars to return us to the Bush economic policies that caused our current economic disaster. Rove is strongly anti-union and has worked to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act.

Americans for Job Security: An insurance industry front group, Americans for Job Security was created to counter the influence of organized labor and is known "one of the nation’s most vicious campaign hit teams." The group supports trade agreements that ship American jobs overseas and opposes the Employee Free Choice Act.

Americans for Prosperity: Funded by the winner of the 2006 "Outsourcing Excellence Award" for its success in shipping American jobs to China, Americans for Prosperity was active in organizing opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act and even opposed the extension of unemployment benefits in the middle of our current recession.

The Club for Growth: The Club for Growth is so far to the right that it has been criticized by John McCain as nothing more than the "bagman for the ultra rich." The Club for Growth supports eliminating Medicare, privatizing Social Security, and calls the Employee Free Choice Act "an abomination."

: Headed by extremist Dick Armey, who supports ‘phasing out’ Social Security and abolishing Medicare, FreedomWorks strongly opposes the Employee Free Choice Act and opposed Wall Street reform.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has moved in an even more extreme direction, with plans to spend $50 million this election to push its anti-working family agenda. The Chamber strongly supports unfair trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, opposes the Employee Free Choice Act, opposes strong workplace safety laws, and even opposed paycheck equity.

Download the report here.

Who is the Anti-Union Network?
October 04, 2010

Learn more about the range of organizations comprising the anti-union network.  

Center for Union Factsnotorious industry lobbyist and PR flak Richard Berman is now attacking unions through his latest front group, in the same way he’s fought against drunk driving laws, health regulations, consumer protections, and minimum wage increases for years.

National Right to Work Foundation and Committee—is the country’s oldest organization dedicated solely to destroying unions

U.S. Chamber of Commerce—the nation’s most powerful business lobbying organization, has been campaigning against unions, fair labor practices, and legal protections for America’s workers for nearly a century.

Public Service Research Foundation and Council—these small, established groups supply their more prominent anti-union colleagues with research, polling, and propaganda to fight against the right of teachers and other public employees to have unions.

For-Profit Unionbusters—these professional consultants or lawyers profit off their ability to manipulate labor law, advising employers on how to thwart union organizing drives or how to get rid of workers’ unions.

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