Arrested for… talking?

We’re taught in school that in America, you’re free to talk about what you want, with who you want, on your own time. Apparently the management at Giant Eagle missed that lesson. Just ask Debbie Weiloch.

Debbie, in her thirty-sixth year at the company, was talking about the benefits of unions with colleagues over lunch, a time when they were all on their breaks and off the clock. Much to her surprise – and to the surprise of anyone with a general understanding of right and wrong – her manager called the police and ordered her handcuffed and arrested for trespassing. (Calmer, more rational heads ultimately prevailed when a judge found no evidence to support Giant Eagle’s claims.)

Unfortunately, arresting Debbie seems to be part and parcel of Giant Eagle’s approach to employees who try to pursue their right to a voice on the job. Other workers have been followed around the store by corporate security teams and seen informational material on the benefits of union representation thrown in the trash.

The good news is you can stand with Debbie and her co-workers. Sign our petition and tell Giant Eagle to stop treating its employees like criminals.

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