Attorneys’ choice to organize underscores universal need for workplace protection

From the crowded aisles of a 747 to the rows of a tomato farm, unions have a role in every workplace. All of America’s workers deserve fair pay and respect, whether they are an autoworker or an attorney. Did I say attorney? Yes, even lawyers, who know the law and their workplace rights better than most, can benefit from having a voice through their union. Just ask those working in the New Jersey Attorney General’s office.

Tired of scant benefits, stagnant pay, and, most importantly, not having any power to change things in their workplace, these men and women decided to form a union with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Like a growing number of professional workers, the attorneys understood that they would be better protected if they had a say in their workplace.

“They wanted respect, they wanted to be treated fairly and the promises that were made to them needed to be kept,” says IBEW International Representative Wyatt Earp. In the video below, attorneys from the office point out that they now feel more secure and empowered.

Although corporate-funded politicians and right-wing pundits continue to attack union members with played out stereotypes, the fact is that today’s union members come from all fields and professional backgrounds. So attempts to weaken collective bargaining rights are in fact a wide-ranging attack on America’s workers as a whole. When even lawyers, a typically well-paid group, are feeling squeezed, it’s a sign of how pervasive the war on America’s workers has become—and just how important unions remain today.

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