Chamber to women: get out of the office and make me a sandwich

angry housewife

On the 90th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment, which allows for equal voting rights for women, the Chamber of Commerce decided to take a moment to let the Internet know they’re still peeved by all these “equal rights” shenanigans.

In a blog post simply entitled “Equality, Suffrage and a Fetish for Money,” Chamber blogger Brad Peck characterized women’s fight for pay equity as nothing more than a “fetish for money,” and said women complaining about their pay should focus instead on “choosing the right partner at home.”

Note to the Chamber of Commerce: open mouth. Now insert foot.

Check out Michael Whitney’s take on the ridiculous situation over at Firedoglake.  Apparently, the Chamber of Commerce has quite the history of dissing women.

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3 Responses to “Chamber to women: get out of the office and make me a sandwich”

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  2. Marie de Jong says:

    The Chamber of Commerce has a long history of spewing its exclusionary, misogynistic attitudes against the advancement of women in the work force and against men, who are not part of the “good old boys’ network, in the pursuit of its goal of exclusivity for “the good old boys” network. That very
    practice has led to the financial crisis that exists in USA today. The Chamber
    of Commerce is so entrenched in corruption, it is morally imperative to end
    its existence.

  3. Eva Helbig says:

    How ironic that you’d help a public school. It’s not because you believe in public schools. Nor is it because you support teachers or children. It’s an ego trip. You get to be the local celebrity and suck up all the attention. How many of those people know that you hate teachers, hate the entire public sector and would privatize everything from our schools to our fire departments. You’ve preached it all on here, and we’ve read it.

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