Get the U.S. Chamber’s attention through Facebook!


Tomorrow, the White House is holding a “jobs summit.” And representatives from companies on the U.S. Chamber’s board will be there.

This is a big moment in our campaign to get the U.S. Chamber to shape up. The Chamber has asked for the public to submit ideas on how to create 20 million jobs over the next decade – let’s tell them we need good jobs, green jobs, and union jobs!

Facebook is a great way to get the Chamber’s attention. Follow these steps to show the Chamber you mean business.

Step 1

Become a fan by visiting this link and click on the “become a fan” button at the top of the page. You can remove yourself as a fan after you post your comment!

Step 2

Once you’re a “fan,” you can write on the U.S. Chamber’s wall. Copy and paste one of our messages below or write your own message to the Chamber.

  • We need to make our economic system work for the middle class again. Even if leveling the playing field means that record-high corporate profits are lower in the short-term, it will be better for business in the long run, because it will create more middle-class consumers.

  • Legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act is a critical part of fixing our economy. We need to make sure more families enter and stay in the middle class.

  • Green jobs and green industries are critical to growing our economy over the next decade. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce can help by supporting policies that create green jobs, including the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.

Step 3

You can either remove yourself as a fan by scrolling down the left side of the “American Free Enterprise” page and clicking “Remove Me from Fans” – OR, better yet, don’t remove yourself, and explain to all your friends that you became a fan to give them a piece of your mind!

Thanks for your help in getting our message across to the U.S. Chamber!