Standing in Solidarity with America’s Workers

On April 4, working Americans and activists came together at more than a thousand events across the country to honor the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in Memphis in 1968. On that day, Dr. King stood with striking AFSCME sanitation workers who were demanding their right to collectively bargain. Forty-three years later, the fight continued to ensure that firefighters, teachers, nurses, and other public workers are treated fairly and respectfully. Read more.

Blog at Work

For many Wisconsin teachers, school’s out all too early
April 25, 2011
For many teachers across Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on public employees are still in full swing, the end of this school year may also be the beginning of an early retirement. » Read more

Living wage at Walmart would have a huge impact on associates, while leaving low prices intact
April 21,2011
New findings show that Walmart can still keep those prices low and pay its workers a living wage. » Read more

Tax Day: Corporate cuts taxing for workers
April 18, 2011
Looking at a few statistics this tax day reveals the responsibility for keeping our public programs on track isn’t shared equally — and the burden has fallen on those who can least afford it. » Read more

Walker Lets His Unionbusting Flag Fly
Yesterday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for a hearing on the state and local budget battles playing out across the country. » Read more


What’s New

Creating Hourly Careers at Walmart


Rather than opportunities for professional growth, Walmart associates face wage caps, ever-changing schedules, expensive benefits, and an arbitrary discipline system. This new report exposes the barriers to career development at the country’s most powerful retailer, and makes the case for a new way of doing business. 

Eye on the NLRB

Eye on the NLRB Check out the latest on the NLRB, the agency administering and overseeing labor law in the United States. The NLRB makes crucial decisions affecting workers’ lives and freedoms; keep up with the latest news and read more about the NLRB here.


Lowering the Bar or Setting the Standard? Deutsche Telekom’s U.S. Labor Practices

Lowering the Bar or Setting the Standard This report exposes a systematic campaign to prevent employees from forming a union by T-Mobile USA and its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, which operates by a double standard for workers in Germany and in the United States.

Behind the Anti-Worker Agenda

Enter the Anti-Union NetworkEverywhere you look, far-right, anti-union special interest groups are attempting to steamroll their way over working families. Learn more about organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars to enact an agenda that would set us back by decades.