Delta’s Worker Intimidation Efforts May Be Called Back to the Gate

The National Mediation Board, an independent government agency that oversees labor relations in the airline and rail industries, has announced that it will investigate a union election held last November for Delta Airlines. After reviewing documents from both union representatives and Delta, the NMB believes that there is sufficient evidence that violations have occurred and that further investigation is needed.

This is far from a stunning development. Last winter, we wrote about how Delta spent millions to influence the election, which was decided by a scant 328 votes (out of over 18,000 cast). As the president of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) pointed out, the facts of this case are not really in dispute.

“Delta management’s misconduct in this election was blatant and persistent – from daily emails to a barrage of misinformation sent in slick brochures to homes, to encouraging flight attendants to vote on company computers, where they could be monitored. Delta management has not denied the substance of any of our charges,” AFA President Veda Shook said in a statement.

While continuing to cry poor and demand further tax breaks, all indicators suggest that Delta has continued to run a first-class unionbusting operation. In March, they shuttled anti-union lobbyists around the country for free, hoping to advance drastic changes to existing labor law. Delta’s executives only want the law to work one way: in their favor.

Unsurprisingly, the National Mediation Board’s decision to merely investigate a possible violation of the long-standing Railway Labor Act has been met with screams of horror from corporate-backed politicians and right-wing commentators. But even inflammatory rhetoric cannot disguise the real issue at hand: like all employees, airline workers deserve a fair opportunity to form a union, free from intimidation.

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