Airline industry trying to put workers’ rights on standby

As if the anti-union attacks in the states aren’t enough, the airline industry is ramping up efforts to make the process of forming a union a bumpy ride for aviation and rail workers.

The aviation industry is pushing Congress to pass the FAA Reauthorization Bill —with an amendment that would count non-voters as a “no” vote in union elections for both rail and air workers.

Imagine if presidential elections worked that way, with every non-vote chalked up as a vote for the incumbent.

With a House vote on the bill scheduled to take place as soon as next week, Delta Air Lines has taken its opposition to new heights by flying members of the anti-union group “No Way AFA” to lobby in D.C. For free. That means potentially bumping regular travelers out of their seats.

Fortunately, there’s opposition to the regressive amendment from legislators on both sides of the aisle. Let’s hope that when it comes time to cast their vote, our decision makers remember that the right to form unions is a right that can’t be put on standby.

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One Response to “Airline industry trying to put workers’ rights on standby”

  1. Hugh Madden says:

    I could make a better argument for counting the non-votes as yes votes. The people who don’t vote are too intimidated by the company.

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