Despite economic climate, CEO compensation still on the rise

In recent weeks, anti-union politicians across the country have been attacking workers’ rights in the name of mustering up funds to curb state deficits. But for all their talk of shared sacrifice and merit-based pay, they seem to have overlooked a reality that working families know all too well.

A recent study by California-based Equilar Inc. found that CEO compensation has continually increased regardless of overall company performance. Findings of the three year long study, published by the Bureau of National Affairs (paywall), cited a steady rise in compensation for CEOs of over 1500 companies nationwide-whether their company’s profits increased, decreased, or stayed the same.

While CEO’s may not feel the brunt of failing companies or a struggling economy, middle-class workers sure do. As CEOs’ pockets get deeper, workers have continued to face pay cuts and political attacks. And in an economy driven by consumer spending, that’s a trend none of us can afford.

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