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The big secret behind secret ballot initiatives

Next Tuesday, voters in four states—Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah—will be facing anti-worker initiatives that would amend each state’s constitution to require so-called secret ballots in union elections. At first glance, these measures appear to be about worker protection. But underneath the friendly exterior, it’s clear the far-right organizations funding these measures are not looking out for workers’ best interests.

They’re making a preemptive strike against federal legislation that Congress has not even passed yet—the Employee Free Choice Act. Read more »


Workers’ rights: A year-round classic

There are few things that can bring Americans from all walks of life together. Today, as baseball fans across the country gear up for the 81st All-Star Game, it’s clear that baseball is one of them.  And, despite lining their roster with some of baseball’s biggest names, it’s been over a decade since the National League won the Midsummer Classic.

The players who will take the field in Anaheim tonight are outstanding athletes—household names and heroes to fans worldwide. But many big-league players aren’t just champions in the baseball world. Off the field, they’re also champions of workers’ rights.

In fact, four of the players selected for tonight’s game—Heath Bell, Torii Hunter, Justin Verlander, and Adam Wainwright—have recently come out swinging for labor law reform. Read more »


The status quo is insane

In case anyone is wondering if labor law reform is really needed, the case of Blackstone Hotel in Chicago provides an answer. Workers there formed a union in 2008, but have since faced an onslaught of federal law violations by the hotel. And now, after a year and a half of negotiation, they still don’t have a contract.

Last week, an NLRB administrative law judge ruled that the hotel illegally tried to get employees to decertify the union, and laid off workers and changed employee health plans without involving the union. As Crain’s Chicago Business reports:

Alexis Canalos, a researcher for Local 1, estimates Blackstone workers are owed at least $250,000 in back wages and health premiums.

I’m glad the NLRB is holding the hotel accountable. But despite this victory, the workers are still waiting for a contract. Read more »


Can they do that?

Can your boss fire you for what you write about in your personal blog? Can you be pink-slipped over a bumper sticker? Can your employer dismiss you for having a beer after work?

Yes. Yes. And, horrifyingly, yes.

Few Americans are truly aware of what happens to their legal rights once they punch the clock. That’s why Lewis Maltby, president and founder of the National Workrights Institute, wrote Can They Do That: Retaking Our Fundamental Rights in the Workplace.

Read more »


Is your boss going undercover?

In light of the new CBS show, “Undercover Boss,” American Rights at Work is launching a new grassroots campaign and website, to expose what really goes on in America’s workplaces, and to call on Congress to fix our jobs through meaningful labor law reform.

» Check out our new campaign
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Giving the Chamber of Commerce a Piece of Our Mind

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent tens of millions of dollars to block labor law reform and spread lies about unions. They’ve also stood in the way of climate change legislation and health insurance reform. But now the Chamber is feeling the pressure. Across the country and online, people are standing up to say the U.S. Chamber doesn’t speak for them.

  • Labor, environmental, and small-business advocates protested in San Francisco at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s conference, joining similar protests in Philadelphia and Chicago.

As the Chamber is discredited, lawmakers are feeling the pressure to stand with workers, not the Chamber, and pass the Employee Free Choice Act.


Taking the Fight to the Chamber of Commerce

What do small business owners, unions, and progressive leaders have in common? An agenda for justice that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending lots of money to derail!

So at the Chamber’s conference in Philadelphia, over 100 local business owners and citizens from a wide range of groups (Health Care for America Now PA, Greenpeace, MoveOn, SEIU, Sierra Club, UFCW Local 1776, Change to Win, IBT, USW, Clean Energy Works, and more) turned out to make sure the business leaders attending the conference heard from them.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a major force against the Employee Free Choice Act, but more and more responsible businesses are standing up and saying the Chamber doesn’t stand for them.  Do you agree?

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Voices Lifted in Support of the Employee Free Choice Act

Last week, we brought 300 people who support the Employee Free Choice Act – including small business owners, farmers, clergy, and civil rights leaders – to Washington DC. And we backed them up with events in dozens of cities across the country and thousands of phone calls from online activists. Our friends at Sum of Change captured some of the day’s inspiring moments on film – check out this remarkable video:

Here are a few more highlights from Lobby Day participants-in their own words: Read more »


Employee Free Choice Act Coalition Supporters Swarm Capitol Hill

Yesterday’s exciting Employee Free Choice Act Coalition Lobby Day reinforced the crucial role our progressive partners are playing as we work to pass meaningful labor law reform this year. More than 300 small business owners, veterans, farmers, students, faith leaders, civil rights activists, women’s advocates, and environmentalists took to Capitol Hill to tell more than 100 of their Congressional leaders why the Employee Free Choice Act is important to them.

The delegates came from 101 cities in 15 states, and represented more than two dozen organizations.  More than 80 organizations supported the day of action with calls, emails, press releases, and their continued backing of workers, their unions, and the need for labor law reform.

Congressional staff members have heard from labor and business about the Employee Free Choice Act, but they were genuinely surprised to find large groups of constituents from non-labor organizations knocking on their door to remind them why this bill is vital to our economy and to our values as a nation. Our citizen lobbyists pressed them to continue making the Employee Free Choice Act a priority, echoing what they heard from new HELP Committee Chairman Sen. Tom Harkin in the morning.

In all the excitement – and thankfully, lack of rain – we were reminded why so many people from so many walks of life are coming together to lend their voice to this cause. The participants spoke passionately about the role of the Employee Free Choice Act in bringing economic justice to our country and why they were coming to talk about the need for labor law reform.

» See more pictures of the lobby day.

» Watch a video of the lobby day by Sum of Change.


Allies from Around the Country on Capitol Hill for the Employee Free Choice Act

More than 300 activists from 15 states are on Capitol Hill today to tell their elected leaders that workers need and deserve meaningful labor law reform. The diverse group of small business owners, veterans, farmers, students, faith leaders, civil rights activists, women’s advocates, and environmentalists are uniting in one voice to remind lawmakers why the Employee Free Choice Act is vital to rebuilding our economy. Read more »