Entertainment and sports stars rally for public employees

As workers, small business owners, religious leaders, and everyday community members continue fighting to protect workers’ rights, some of the country’s most renowned actors, musicians, and athletes have lent their voices to the cause. These stars and their unions, including Actors Equity, AFTRA, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild of America, East , the Major League Baseball Players Association, and the National Football League Players Association, are amplifying the message that workers of all stripes have to stand together for a voice on the job and a fair chance at the American dream.

Some stars, like Kathy Griffin, Patton Oswalt, Roger Ebert, Michael Moore, and Mark Ruffalo are utilizing social media tools such as Twitter to inform their fans about the attacks on workers and offer their support to the public employees under attack in states across the country. Musician Tom Morello, punk rock band The Street Dogs, actor Robert Newman, and actress Gabrielle Carteris have traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, to join the protests. And other entertainers, including hip-hop legend Russell Simmons, have taken to the blogosphere to discuss the parallels to Dr. Martin Luther King’s fight to end injustice in all forms.

So what’s the connection between these stars and the everyday workers struggling just to make ends meet? What do Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson and West Wing actor Bradley Whitford have in common with public school teachers, police officers, and fire fighters?

They’re all workers. And if the corporate-backed decision makers spearheading these attacks have their way, all workers stand to lose. As MLB Players Association Executive Director Michael Weiner noted, “This is an attack on the institution of unions. This is not about seeking concessions…” AFTRA echoed Weiner’s comments in a recent statement, saying, “We all have a fundamental right to collective bargaining, whether in good economic times or bad.”

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