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Girl power: amplifying the role of women in unions

Even though women are the largest demographic in the workplace, life in the office can still be an isolating experience for them. And as unions are looking for fresh ways to reach out to the evolving workforce, researchers are working to understand women’s role in the modern labor movement and how it can be amplified in the future.

Following last week’s survey on women, organizing and social networking (hyperlink to blog), two more studies on women and unions have recently been published. Read more »


Getting on the right side of history: supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act

Vice President Joe Biden Women in the United States make 77 cents for every dollar that men earn for the same work.

And even though women won the right to make as much as their male counterparts decades ago, weak federal enforcement has prevented equal pay from actually occurring in many workplaces. And for many women, the consequences of earning less than their male counterparts can be life-altering, like not having enough money to retire without becoming an economic burden to their families.

The American Rights at Work staff made a field trip across D.C. yesterday to listen to some impassioned speeches about the Paycheck Fairness Act at a White House Middle Class Task Force event.  Awaiting a vote by the Senate, the Paycheck Fairness Act requires employers to provide a legitimate reason for paying women and men performing the same job different salaries.

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