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Mott’s: rotting away workers’ rights

courtesy UFCWMott’s apples have a giant worm wriggling around in them.

Despite the fact that the juice and apple sauce manufacturer’s parent company, Dr. Pepper Snapple, has seen its stocks rise an astonishing 180 percent since March 2009, they’re trying to slash their workers’ wages and take away pension plans.

Over 300 workers from Mott’s Williamson, NY plant have already been on strike for over a month. And if an agreement between the workers and management is not reached by the end of the summer, and the factory reopens to full capacity, hundreds of local apple farmers will be left without a buyer. Their fruit, and income, will rot away on the trees.

Mott’s is doing better than ever. In spite of the recession they managed to earn $555 million dollars last year. Since business is so sweet, why do the heads of the corporation need to sour it by cutting workers’ wages by as much as $2.50 an hour? There are some companies out there that are financially distressed and need to decrease wages as a way to stay afloat.  If last year’s stocks and earnings are any indicator, Mott’s is certainly not one of them.

Take action!  Tell Dr. Pepper Snapple President Larry D. Young that Mott’s workers deserve better!


Take our jobs. No, really.

Check out UFW President Arturo Rodriguez talk about the Take Our Jobs project tonight on The Colbert Report, 11:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

If you think that migrant workers are stealing all the “good, American jobs,” think again.

The United Farm Workers Union recently launched a campaign to show Americans that migrant workers aren’t taking any jobs that average American workers actually want. UFW’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign offers citizens and legal residents the opportunity to, quite literally, fill out an application for a labor-intensive, six-day-a-week, low-paying agricultural job, with no health benefits.

Does that sound like a good, American job to you? Not to us. Read more »