Unions & Business: Building the Economy Together

A strong, vibrant labor movement is a core part of our nation’s economic recovery. Our latest resources outline the many ways that unions and businesses are working together to build our economy.

Businesses and Communities Benefit When Workers Have Unions
Many businesses understand the value unions bring to their bottom line: increased productivity, improved service, lower turnover, higher sales, job training, and community reinvestment.

Union Jobs Will Help Rebuild America’s Middle Class and Promote Economic Growth

It’s more important than ever for America’s workers to be able to stand together to protect their jobs and improve their economic situation. Strengthening workers’ rights to form unions is one of the best steps Congress can take to restore the economy and rebuild the middle class.

Business Leaders Support Workers’ Rights and a Fair Economy
Business leaders from around the country recognize the important role unions can play in restoring balance to our faltering economy. These employers, investors, and academics see unions as a way to achieve long-term economic growth and stability.

We need your help in pushing back against the lies and misinformation being spread by anti-worker forces. In order to win, we must continue to stand together and tell the truth: unions and business can and do work together to build a sustainable economy.

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