Unions & Business: Surviving the Recession Together

According to data released today by the Department of Labor, we’ve seen four months of job creation, and yet the unemployment rate continues to worsen. That’s why real partnerships between employers and workers are more important than ever.

The employers and unions featured at our panel this week at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference and in our latest resource, Unions & Business: Surviving the Recession Together, are real-life examples of labor-management partnerships that are not only helping companies survive the recession, but also transforming them into green, clean, and sustainable businesses. 

These four employers are just a few examples of the many innovative partnerships helping companies and workers stay afloat in this tough economy:

  • Flambeau River Papers: This pulp and paper mill is helping the small town of Park Falls, WI, survive by re-opening a bankrupt mill and working with the union to develop cost-saving energy solutions.
  • Gamesa USA: By implementing an efficient cross-training program through its longstanding labor-management partnership, this wind turbine manufacturer was able to weather the recession with minimal impact on its employees.
  • Gerding Edlen Development, Inc.: This commercial real estate developer relies on and invests in its skilled union workers, and in return, unions, through their pension funds, have invested in many of the firms sustainable building projects.
  • Kaiser Permanente: In the face of growing operating costs, this healthcare organization is relying on its labor-management teams to find innovative ways to improve service, quality, and patient affordability, while reducing costs for the organization.
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