VIDEO: It’s Going to Ruin Us

Throughout history, plenty of things that are now a part of our everyday lives were labeled as “the end of business” when first announced. Worker’s compensation, the eight-hour day, the weekend…

Could Australia’s new proposed mining tax be any different? Known as the “Resource Super Profits Tax,” the legislation would put a tax on profits charged at a rate of 40 percent, on the money earned from non-renewable resources such as mining and petroleum products. Oil, coal and copper companies, among other related business are freaking out. They’re claiming that the tax would drive investors away.

But this awesome new video produced by some Australian unions makes the case that the hundreds of business-changing programs created over the years, ones similar to the Resource Super Profits Tax, have not made the economy eat its own tail. Allowing women to work? Not forcing slaves to transport goods? Business is still here, and doing just fine.

This video was made by the same people who made another great pro-union video- “What Have the Unions Ever Done for Us?” It’s an informative, funny little clip that helps show that all the luxuries we expect at work, such as maternity leave, paid vacations, occupational health and safety…the only reason we have them today is because of the efforts of unions.

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