Take Action! Tell Congress that FedEx Drivers Aren’t Pilots

Since 1996, FedEx Express has been allowed to classify their drivers, sorters, loaders and unloaders not like on-the-ground delivery people, but airline pilots.  This has been legally allowed due to a “sweetheart” deal the company made with Congress, but over 90,000 FedEx Express employees don’t do anything involving airplanes. This situation makes it almost impossible them to unionize or collectively bargain.

There is currently a bill in Congress that would allow the perks FedEx Express to be taken away.  But it’s going to need your help to get passed.  So join American Rights at Work and take action!  Tell your senators that FedEx drivers are NOT doing the same work as pilots, and deserve the same rights and rules other truck drivers have when they want to join a union!

Want more info?  Check out fedexdriversarentpilots.com.

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