Summer reading: “A Shameful Business”

Employers rarely mistreat their workers by accident; the majority of the time, it’s a moral choice.  In his new book A Shameful Business: The Case for Human Rights in the American Workplace, author James A. Gross makes an appeal to corporations to transform their ways and put the human rights of their employees over their profits.

Gross, a professor of labor law at Cornell University, believes that the United States’ market philosophy and the basic values of human rights are like oil and water. In A Shameful Business, Gross compares U.S. labor laws and international human rights standards, including racial discrimination, workplace safety, and management rights. His results will challenge and chill his readers.

“Employers who maintain workplaces that require men and women and sometimes even children to risk their lives and endanger their health and eyes and limbs in order to earn a living are treating human life as cheap and are seeking their own gain through the desecration of human life,” Gross wrote.

>>Learn more and buy the book here!

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