The happiest place on earth (unless you support unions)

It seems as though the Disney Corporation is always in the headlines for violating labor laws.  Whether its reports about heavy character costumes injuring employees or news about children making toys in sweatshops overseas, the word on Disney and workers’ rights is hardly ever good.

And just last week, hundreds of Disneyland hotel workers walked off the job to protest the unjust firing of a bartender who had been working in the corporation’s resort hotels for 23 years.

Disney claims the bartender, a union activist, was let go because she cursed at a co-worker.  But the corporation’s action was extreme compared with its typical response to such an incident, which is to provide a warning or a short suspension.  At the same time, the union representing Disney employees and the corporation have been going head to head over the lack of a contract agreement, a situation that’s been going on for over two years.

Many private-sector employers fire workers in an attempt to dissuade employees from joining unions, or from speaking up about them in the workplace.  This is technically illegal under the National Labor Relations Act, but the punishment is so minimal that most employers would rather take the blame and pay a small fine than have their workers come together to join a union.  But if the Employee Free Choice Act were passed, the penalties for violating laws such as the NLRA, Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act would be significantly increased, making corporations like Disney think twice before firing a long-time worker to send a message.

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