Video: Flight attendants ready to reclaim “Delta family”

Delta flight attendants are taking to the airwaves to talk about the difference a union would make for their workplace. Union flight attendants at Northwest, which recently merged with Delta, are standing with their colleagues to make sure that Delta employees receive respect on the job and the protection of a union contract.

In their video, dedicated Delta employees describe the sense of family that used to pervade their company—and how that culture has changed for the worse. In years past, management was truly invested in its employees and their well-being, but that dynamic has shifted with frequent turnover in the company’s leadership.

As one of the featured flight attendants puts it,

“When I was hired in 1989, senior management came up through the ranks just like the rest of us. They had a loyalty to the company because they built it and wanted to see it do well. It was a Delta family. It’s a totally different culture now.”

That sentiment is echoed throughout the video. And this isn’t coming from outsiders or new hires unfamiliar with the company’s history—these are workers with up to 40 years of service to the company. If anyone knows what’s best for Delta, if anyone has a stake in the company’s success, it’s these flight attendants.

So how do they believe the Delta family can be restored? With a union, of course.

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