The sacrifice isn’t “shared”

“Shared sacrifice.” You can find the phrase in talking points, letters to the editor, speeches, editorials, and on cable television shows. Commentators, pundits, politicians, and professional sports teams owners are talking about the need for workers and their unions to make sacrifices as our economy and our communities recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression.

A few stories in recent weeks serve as reminders that working women and men have already sacrificed more than their fair share. Roger Martin writes that when it’s all said and done, Michigan’s public employees have already conceded nearly $4.7 billion in pay and benefit reductions to help fight a budget deficit they didn’t cause. On a national scale, Dave Zirin notes that in the midst of sky-high profits and a supposed interest in safety, NFL owners are willing to lockout players over the issue of expanding the season to another two games. And perhaps most dramatically, Stewart Acuff  shares the story of Mark Keely, a nineteen year old utility worker from Philadelphia, who gave his life when a gas main exploded.

While these stories serve as just a snapshot of the sacrifice workers make day in and day out, they point to a broader trend. In every sector and every industry, workers are sacrificing income, health, and sometimes their lives to keep the country running. And at times of fiscal distress, those who benefit from these sacrifices say it’s not good enough. But as we know, when you look at the final tally, workers don’t just share the sacrifice. They bear the brunt of it.

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