Lockout’s End is a Victory for Workers

The long-awaited end of the NFL lockout wasn’t just good news for sports fans or fantasy football fanatics. The resolution of the owners’ lockout was welcome news for thousands of stadium employees and a powerful reminder of the benefits of workers standing together for respect and a voice on the job.

In February, we wrote about the everyday workers who would be affected by a lockout, including John Marler, a vendor at Ford Field in Detroit. Speaking at a press conference hosted by American Rights at Work, Marler offered a valuable perspective on the impact a lockout would have on his coworkers: “Working at Ford Field, most of my colleagues’ incomes is their only income, it makes their lives happen, and it allows them to provide for their families.”

And stadium workers weren’t the only ones with their livelihood on the line. As our Executive Director Kimberly Freeman Brown stated today,

Based on the NFL’s own numbers, the owners’ decision to lockout the players would have affected 150,000 jobs, and countless small businesses and communities that depend on game day revenue. With our economy still struggling to get back on track, putting people out of work just to pad record-setting profits would have been indefensible and disastrous for local economies.

Now that the lockout is over, the thousands of workers whose jobs depend directly and indirectly on NFL football can get back to work.

What’s more, as Dave Zirin at The Nation noted earlier this week, despite the power of the NFL owners who forced the lockout, the players were able to gain improved safety protections and health care provisions because they stood together. The success of the NFL players reminds us that when employees have a voice on the job, they’re empowered to improve their working lives. That’s something that fans of any team should cheer for.

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