Hyatt’s painful anti-worker stance

Can you imagine being forced to work on your hands and knees to scrub floors every day, instead of using a mop? It’s back-breaking work.

In California right now, there’s a bill that would require hotels to give their housekeepers mops and other simple, common-sense tools that are proven to reduce injuries.

But national hotel chain Hyatt has publicly opposed the bill—prioritizing costs above the safety of its own workers.

The legislation, Senate Bill 432, would require companies to adopt a few practical measures to protect housekeepers, like providing cleaning staff with mops and using fitted sheets on mattresses. Workers say these small changes would make a major difference, saving them from having to spend hours each day scrubbing floors on their hands and knees, and sparing them the burden of lifting extremely heavy mattresses repeatedly.

Hyatt’s anti-mop policy isn’t just petty, it’s causing hundreds of injuries each year. Not surprisingly, the company’s anti-worker attitude has resulted in the highest injury rate in the hotel industry, according to a 2010 study in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

It’s simple: People who clean should have a mop. Hyatt doesn’t see it that way, but we can fight back.

Tell Hyatt: Stop opposing a bill that would keep your workers safe.

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