Let Hyatt workers know they’re not alone

Last week Hyatt workers at six hotels in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu went on strike, demanding better working conditions and treatment from their employer. After working two years without a contract, housekeepers, kitchen staff, and other Hyatt workers are standing up to Hyatt, going on a week-long strike to protest bottom of the barrel wages, high injury rates, Hyatt’s long track record of health and safety violations, and the company’s opposition to workplace safety legislation.  

For more details on why Hyatt workers are on strike, click here.

As John Wilhelm, president of UNITE HERE states, “In the face of widening income inequality and the systematic eradication of the American middle class, Hyatt workers are bravely fighting for the ability to stand up for one another in contending with a global giant like Hyatt.”

Last month, we met with a number of with Hyatt housekeepers and learned firsthand of the difficulties they face, their fight to provide for their families, and their determination to stand by their peers. These women endure extremely high injury rates and physically grueling shifts. And although they are essential to the success of their hotels, they are often bullied and threatened by management rather than treated with the respect they’ve earned.

Cathy Youngblood, one of the housekeepers we met with, said it best:

I believe in hard work but living in pain is a different story. I have to take medication regularly because my wrists and shoulders hurt from having to lift mattresses to change the sheets. Since I started working at the Hyatt my quality of life has diminished greatly. Hyatt must stop abusing housekeepers.

Let Cathy and the other Hyatt workers know that they are not alone by joining the virtual picket line now!

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9 Responses to “Let Hyatt workers know they’re not alone”

  1. Michael Mix says:

    Hang tough!

  2. Leslie Tetrault says:

    Good for you standing up to them. I know it is not easy. There are a lot of people behind you. Way to stand up for yourself. you deserve it

  3. Hugh Madden says:

    Why is that the lowest paid workers are the ones the upper class depends on the most to maintain their lifestyle?

  4. Jane says:

    You are not alone!!! Don’t waiver, stay strong!!!

  5. Molly says:

    You are fighting for every working person. Thank you! Thank you!

  6. jane says:

    Stay strong and UNITED! American workers deserve safe working conditions and living wages!

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  8. Podsluch says:

    hi can you tell me the name of this theme? i like it i use a regular default wp theme i dont like the defaults. Anyway nice post thank you for sharing

  9. I’ll be back and read more!

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