Celebrating American Education Week with Partnerships in Education: John Muir Elementary

Today we continue our support of American Education Week by featuring John Muir Elementary – a school profiled in our Partnerships in Education report that has worked collaboratively with teachers unions to create opportunities for disenfranchised students.

At John Muir Elementary in Merced, CA, students benefit from teachers and administrators working hand-in-hand to ensure that every student has the tools he or she needs to succeed. Thanks to the efforts of Principal Sandi Hamilton, the Merced City Teachers Association and the Merced City School District came together to advocate for Muir Elementary to receive a seven-year grant from California’s Quality Education Investment Act. The grant gives extra funding to lower-performing schools for staff development and other proven reforms. Since receiving the grant, the school has used the funds to provide targeted professional development, reduce class sizes, and offer intervention assistance for kids who are struggling.

Collaboration remains imperative at Muir Elementary. Administrators work closely with educators to determine the best classroom structures and curriculums; educators meet to share data and to present summaries of effective lessons; and both groups invite students to set and evaluate their own goals for the future.

This educational strategy has already proven beneficial to those who need it the most: students. Muir Elementary, once the lowest performing school in its district, is now one of the four best performing schools in the 17-school district—clear evidence that partnerships in education are a recipe for success.

*Photo courtesy of National Education Association

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