Celebrating American Education Week with Partnerships in Education: Putnam City West High School

Today we continue our support of American Education Week by featuring Putnam City West High School – a school profiled in our Partnerships in Education report that has worked collaboratively with its teachers’ union to create a model for Oklahoma schools to drive school improvement and close achievement gaps.

Administrators at Putnam City West High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, know that when they work collaboratively with teachers, students benefit. In 2007, Putnam City West combined targeted academic programs, parental involvement, and professional development into its “Compadres in Education” program to address low academic achievement among Hispanic students.

The program was made possible by an initial grant from the National Education Association (NEA) Public Engagement Project. “The partnership with NEA and Oklahoma Education Association has been essential in our work with our Hispanic population,” says Melanie Pealor, assistant principal at Putnam City West High School.  “They have supported us with resources, professional development, volunteers, and organizing events. I am very pleased to say the partnership has continued to grow and we continue to collaborate on more projects.”

The program enables teachers and administrators to partner in “Professional Learning Communities,” where they evaluate best practices for reaching students and develop skills to create a more trusting, inclusive environment for learning. It is clear that this program works. Since its inception, graduation rates have more than doubled and English test scores have increased by more than 20 percent.

* Photo Courtesy of the National Education Association

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