What an exciting year for workers’ rights!

The end of the year is upon us, and what an exciting 12 months it has been for workers’ rights! We’ve had some lows, but we’ve also seen significant victories for the 99 percent.  Among other things: Ohio voters repealed SB 5, the NLRB approved a rule to ensure workers get a fair vote during union elections, and the Occupy movement shifted the national debate to focus on the real problems facing middle-class families.

We especially take pride in the role you played in helping workers organize at IKEA’s only U.S. factory.  The phone calls and 23,000 letters from our activists helped convince IKEA to sit down at the bargaining table so that workers could move forward with a successful election. And just this week, IKEA workers ratified their first contract, securing much needed protections on the job.

But the fight is far from over. Corporate-backed politicians and Big Business continue their assault on working families. Next year, we must continue to use the power of our collective voice to ensure that every worker has access to a good, family-sustaining job and a voice in their workplace.

See you next year!

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