Cooper Tire employees left out in the cold

On November 28 last year, just days after Thanksgiving, 1,050 Cooper Tire & Rubber Company employees were left out in the cold. After refusing to negotiate in good faith, Cooper Tire locked out workers at its Findlay, Ohio plant.

In 2008, when Cooper Tire was losing money, employees at its Findlay plant gave up $31 million in pay and benefits to help the company stay afloat. Thanks to their sacrifice, Cooper has made more than $300 million in profits since 2009. So what did Cooper executives do with their newfound profits? They paid themselves millions of dollars in bonuses and bought a new corporate jet. The company even purchased a brand new plant in Serbia for $17.3 million.

Despite soaring profits, Cooper pushed a new contract on its employees with higher healthcare premiums and undisclosed wage terms. Still, Cooper’s employees were more than willing to keep working through negotiations to reach a fair deal. But rather than responding in kind, Cooper executives locked out employees and brought in replacement workers.

Cooper wants to cry broke, but it’s greed – not need – driving the lockout. As Chico Ramirez, who has logged 25 years with the company, explains, “The thing that bothers us is that we gave them concessions to help them get back on their feet, and they are paying out bonuses instead of paying back the backbone of the company.”

The workers in Findlay, Ohio are counting on you! Click here to watch a powerful video about the lockout and then email Cooper Tire and demand an end to the lockout.

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8 Responses to “Cooper Tire employees left out in the cold”



  2. Steve Zahurak says:

    Please settle the contract and quit bashing American workers.

  3. American workers have to get enough compensation

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  8. Tracey Kiselak says:

    Unfortunately, workers are finding out the hard way, that Corporate America
    is NOT your friend and there is no need to feel sorry for your employer and cut your wages and benefits to help them build another plant in Siberia! Just reading this made me ill about Cooper Tire. Not only did they lock you out they stabbed you in the back while smiling to your face. Corporate greed at it’s best…by the way, they got away with throwing you a turkey bone and closing you out before the Christmas spirit really made them look like they didn’t have aheart…which they don’t. Let Siberia buy and make their tires, I will not buy them.

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