Union Shop: Red Wing Shoes

Product: Footwear
Union: UFCW
Category: Apparel

Need to replace those old work boots? Take a step in the right direction with union-made Red Wing Shoes. Made by members of the UFCW, these “kicks” are the epitome of functionality, style, and swagger.

Click here to find a Red Wing store near you.

Union Shop: A Guide to Whats Union-Made
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5 Responses to “Union Shop: Red Wing Shoes”

  1. Rich says:

    Make sure you check the inside of boot.Some union/Made in the USA,some made in china.

  2. Ed Schoberl says:

    I used to buy Reds until MOST of them were made in China, etc… !!! I went to the place below and the boots were even Better than my Reds at a price that was on 2/3rds the price. Every single stich in these are made here and every part ( sools, upper leather, lower leather, treads ) are made in America !!! HANDS DOWN > THE BEST…


  3. Love the advice about writing about what happens “behind the scenes” and personal experience; these help to humanize the story and keep readers coming back.

  4. Adam says:

    Yeah, check out theunionbootpro.com for union made boots.

  5. KatDoyle says:

    Thanks, Adam. I ordered a pair of athletic shoes from http://theunionbootpro.com recently. I’ll definitely consider them for work boots when mine need to be replaced.

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