How can a fast be ‘disingenuous’?

Station Casinos workersStation Casinos’s kitchen and restaurant staff, cocktail servers, bartenders, housekeepers, and porters have been trying to get a voice at work since 2010 to provide a better future for themselves and their families. In response, Station launched a vicious anti-union campaign, firing organizers and retaliating, threatening, interrogating, and spying on other employees.

How bad have the attacks been? Two NLRB Administrative Law Judges found that Station Casinos broke federal labor law 88 times. That’s the largest number of unfair labor practices committed by a single employer in the history of Nevada gaming! (The company has of course appealed the judges’ recommended decisions.)

With Station playing so dirty, the deck is stacked against these workers. They clearly deserve a fair process to allow them to decide whether to have union representation without facing any interference, intimidation, or bullying from management.

Instead of investing in its workers, respecting their rights, and abiding by the law, Station wants to cover up its shameful workers’ rights abuses. The company just launched a spin campaign – spending millions of dollars to win over public opinion through TV and newspaper ads, mailers, and billboards in Las Vegas. We need you to speak up and convince Station the ads aren’t working and we know better!

The timing couldn’t be more urgent. For the past week, Station workers, faith leaders, and community allies have been fasting to bring more attention to their plight. Last Thursday, a casino spokesperson called the fast “disingenuous” and a publicity stunt. This is a big sacrifice these brave workers are making to send a message to Station Casinos that they should have a right to work without fear. It’s crucial we convince the company that we believe in these workers, that we’re watching, and that we care.

Fortunately there is something you can do to let Station Casinos know that we want it to respect its workers. Click here and directly tell Station to let its workers have a fair process to form a union!

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2 Responses to “How can a fast be ‘disingenuous’?”

  1. David Peter says:

    We in SEIU Local 1107 in Las Vegas support your brave actions in fighting the corporate robber barons who own Stations. We have had our differences in the past, but to see Stations ignore the will of 4/5 of their workers to have a union can not be tolerated by any worker in America. You fasting members make all union workers proud of their commitment to the good fight. SOLIDARITY sisters and brothers. Not a dime to Stations until they recognize the will of their workers.

  2. David Peter says:

    Just one more comment, I am so sick the TV and radio adds being paid for by Stations, I will be complaining to the TV and radio stations playing that anti union garbage everytime I hear one.

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