Union Shop: Land O’Lakes

Product: Butter, Margarine, Spreads
Union: UAW
Category: Food & Beverage

Butter is one of the greatest inventions in history. You put it on something, and it will taste better. Do you know what else is great? Workers having a voice on the job! Made by UAW members in Canton, Ohio, Land O’Lakes butter is the blend of these two important ingredients.

Land O’Lakes products are available nationwide. Click here for more information.

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2 Responses to “Union Shop: Land O’Lakes”

  1. barbara edwards says:

    The middle class of USA is UNION built! Do you like your weekends off? paid vacation? paid sick days? resonable hourly rate? THANK THE UNIONS!! YES TO UNIONS ….NO TO REPUBLICANS

  2. Angelo in NY says:

    Union Yes! That settles it. Only buying Land O Lakes Butter going forward. My local food stores have it.
    Thanks UAW for pointing this out.
    Our family is voting to support UAW and other union workers by Voting Democrats on Nov 6 !

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