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Viva Las Vegas…and viva workers’ rights

I’m heading to Vegas! But as much as I love the slot machines, I’m skipping the casinos this time in order to attend the fifth annual Netroots Nation convention.

Netroots Nation is an amazing program that helps progressive organizations amplify their voices by providing an online and in-person forum for idea-exchange and public debate. From better blogging tips to the importance of migrant laborers in the workers’ rights movement, there are lectures, conferences, caucuses and presentations on nearly every topic under the sun to help nonprofit organizations inspire their members. There will be a lot of events concerning workers’ rights this year, and some speakers on the subject include AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Senator Al Franken.

Other than visiting the union-made beer tasting, here’s a sample of some of the labor-related events I plan on attending: Read more »


Take our jobs. No, really.

Check out UFW President Arturo Rodriguez talk about the Take Our Jobs project tonight on The Colbert Report, 11:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

If you think that migrant workers are stealing all the “good, American jobs,” think again.

The United Farm Workers Union recently launched a campaign to show Americans that migrant workers aren’t taking any jobs that average American workers actually want. UFW’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign offers citizens and legal residents the opportunity to, quite literally, fill out an application for a labor-intensive, six-day-a-week, low-paying agricultural job, with no health benefits.

Does that sound like a good, American job to you? Not to us. Read more »