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Off the Clock with musician Mike McColgan of the Street Dogs

Off the Clock

In this regular interview series, American Rights at Work spends some time off the clock with notable workers’ rights leaders, supporters, experts, and organizers.

Are unions punk rock? We think so, and so does Mike McColgan, the lead singer of the popular punk band the Street Dogs. Mike’s work as a union firefighter and pressman have shaped the riveting working class anthems he’s written and performed in bands like the Dropkick Murphys, and now with the Street Dogs. We’ve been blown away by their music for years and will see them on Monday in concert in D.C. at the Black Cat. You can also catch the Street Dogs live on their Wreck the Halls tour, pick up one of their many recordings, or watch them in action performing in Madison as part of the historic protests against collective bargaining attacks in Wisconsin. Read our interview with Mike to learn more about what inspires his passionate political stances, powerful lyrics, and lifelong fight to champion unions… Read more »


Grammy-winning Tom Morello’s latest gig for workers’ rights

A tireless advocate of workers’ rights, legendary guitarist Tom Morello has organized benefit concerts and even engaged in civil disobedience to support the cause.  His performance on the steps of the capital building in Madison this February was one of the highlights of the historic protest against Gov. Walker’s attacks on workers and collective bargaining. 

Moved by the widespread mobilizations in support of workers’ rights across the states,  Morello has crafted his latest solo album, Union Town, as a soundtrack to these epic social and economic justice battles. Read more »